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Video Tutorials

Welcome to our tutorial page! These videos are here to help you get the most out of your Adina, Shira and Rina My Design Sketchbook. Every tutorial will highlight a different design or illustration idea from My Design Sketchbook and help get you ready to fill up all those practice pages with your ideas! If there is a page in the book you would like to see a tutorial on, let us know.

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Shading with Shine

Drawing Hair

Coloring and Shading Hair

Drawing Faces

Drawing and Coloring Lips

Drawing and Coloring Eyes

Adina's Favorite Vacation Pictures!

Designing Lace Patterns!

Drawing sequins!

Shading Hair

Shading Faces

Shading Skirts

How to Draw Lace

Blue Denim Tutorial.

White Denim Tutorial.

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